Movie Locations

Price Canyon Ranch Wants to Star in your Production!

An authentic slice of the Old West, with much better food!
Price Canyon Ranch has been chosen for on-location filming of a number of cinema, television, and commercial advertising projects. See some of the features filmed on Price Canyon Ranch!  The remote location of the ranch looks as it did 150 years ago. Because we are still a real working cattle ranch, Price Canyon Ranch presents a producer with an authentic Old West experience, as well as all the comforts and conveniences that a modern ranch can provide.

The ranch is surrounded by a portion of the Coronado National Forest and Wilderness Area, offering a half-million acres of virtually untouched landscape.  The ranch sits at an elevation of 5,450 feet and temperatures are considerably cooler than in Phoenix or Tucson. The nearby mountains climb to 9,300 feet. Mountain vistas and stunning sunsets offer glimpses of a time when man and horse dominated the landscape. Price Canyon is considered one of the darkest spots in the United States, so the evening sky is filled with more stars. There are three different topographies, from savannah grassland, to oak forest, to old growth pine, all in one location. Discover our stunning natural details and bring your next production to Price Canyon.

Location includes:

  • Lodge with porch, rustic, western decor, and rooms with mountain views
  • Clear swimming pool and large hot tub
  • Western barn and corral
  • Spring fed lake
  • Space for equipment and crew (plus accommodations)
  • Camping equipment, cowboy tents, sleeping bags, etc. are available

“I remember when the Italian company first arrived. The head of the production company got here very late at night, and his first morning he came out of his room and looked around and just started crying. He just fell in love with the scenery out here.”
-Chris Kemmerly

Click on the images or links to the right to see some great photos of a few of the larger productions. Visit the slide show to see the varied topographies.
To inquire about using Price Canyon Ranch for your photo shoot, advertisement, or film, please contact Please allow a minimum of six months to insure availability.

Seasons 1 & 2 of Zulu Cattlerace

Produced by Eyeworks

Twelve celebrity city slickers, fresh out of their limousines, are pitted against each other in the harsh Arizona desert. Here they have to endure ranch life and learn mad cowboy skills in order to win daily competitions, ranging from the serious, such as barrel racing, lassoing and bull riding to the insane, such as guess-a-turd, shooting fish in a barrel and cow tipping. At the end of each episode, the battle is decided with the mother of all games: The Cattle-drive Race. And the loosing team? Well, they’re tarred an feathered, for real!

We Shall Remain

Produced by American Experience
Price Canyon Ranch hosted filming for the Geronimo segment of We Shall Remain, a presentation of the Public Broadcasting Series American Experience, filmed October 2007. For more information on this scene, see the trailer on the PBS website.

The Magnificent Seven

A new production by the Welsh film production company Boomerang
Seven celebrities and one guest appearance (Matthew Rhys, from the Brothers and Sisters series) came over and spent a week at the ranch, learning how to be cowboys. This will be aired in December of 2008. Read what the producers had to say about their experience at Price Canyon Ranch.

Wild West

Italian Reality TV Show
Wild West, a reality show produced for and broadcast on Italian television network RAI, was shot at Price Canyon Ranch. Twelve young people, 6 men and 6 women, competed in contests testing their skills in roping, wrangling and other Western activities over the course of eleven weeks in 2006. For more information, see the web site.