The Ranch

Price Canyon Ranch

Our working cattle ranch has a lodge with 10 rooms for guest accommodations. Our rooms feature beautiful linens that will wrap you in luxury, providing a deep restful sleep. Our menus feature fresh and delicious recipes. The handsome lodge is filled with custom made mesquite furniture and a huge rock fireplace is the focal point. In addition to the 10 guest rooms, we have 4 new buildings, complete with bathroom facilities, that can sleep 10 people each, housing up to an extra 40 people. As well as a new 1500 foot meeting/training room. Perfect for housing and feeding film crews and corporate retreat type events. Enjoy time in our tranquil pool and relaxing Jacuzzi. The Price Canyon staff is friendly and wants to ensure your event will give you treasured moments that will provide a lifetime of memories.

The ranch property provides awe inspiring beauty of open grassy meadows. There are steep hills, inclines and canyons, and amazing views. You will experience the thrill of seeing wildlife in their natural habitat.

Price Canyon is the premier location to host your special event. Price Canyon provides an intimate setting, with a personal touch and 5-star service, in an absolutely gorgeous location.

Part of Arizona’s History.

Price Canyon is one of the major drainages out of the Chiricahua Mountains. The abundance of water has drawn people here for thousands of years. In fact, the foundations of ancient Indian villages still can be seen.

The fierce Chiricahua Apaches, led by legendary chieftains Cochise and Geronimo, lived on the slopes of the Chiricahua Mountains. Spanish conquistadores also moved through the area in their search for the fabled cities of gold.

After the Apache raids ended, pioneer ranchers and miners settled in Price Canyon. Price Canyon Ranch was first homesteaded in 1879, the same year that Camp Rucker was established nearby. This mountain flank soon became the center of U.S. Army activities. Like its neighbor Rucker Canyon, Price Canyon was named for an Army lieutenant.

The Apaches called this place
“The Land of Standing-Up Rocks.”

Source: National Parks Service, Chiricahua National Monument

Leave the Everyday Behind!

There are places on this earth that reach out to us, then draw us in. Price Canyon Ranch is one of those places…

A ranch road climbs from the San Bernadino Valley and the San Simon Valley in southeastern Arizona into a box canyon that once sheltered Apaches and puma. You are surrounded by the Chiricahua Mountains, whose rocky peaks reach 9,300 feet. Headquartered at 5,450 feet, the ranch is 12—20 degrees cooler than Tucson and Phoenix.

This is rancher country, where generations of pioneering families worked and preserved the land. Today, this ranch land is surrounded by over 500,000 acres of national forest and wilderness.

Marked by a diversity of wildlife, flowers and trees, and a replenishing spring that sustains an intertwined ecosystem, this vast terrain offers expansive views south past Limestone Mountain and deep into Old Mexico.

Pictured is a secluded ranch house. This is Price Canyon Ranch—a working cattle ranch with luxurious guest accommodations for your special event or corporate retreat.

Price Canyon Ranch is also the perfect setting for your film and media production.